Amish Made Garden Path Wrought Iron in the Making

At The Garden Path we take pride in our expertly crafted wrought iron products. This page was created to give you a glimpse into the process of creating your wrought iron piece. Our Amish craftsmen use traditional methods of iron working to create beautiful pieces that can turn your garden into an outdoor oasis. 

The first step in the process is the shaping of the piece. As shown above, these expert craftsmen shape iron rods with high heat and cutting tools. 

Each small piece of iron is welded together to make a masterpiece. The single pieces of iron are shaped together in high heat and become one piece. 

Once the piece is welded together the iron is left to cool and harden completely. Touch up work is done to make sure that your piece is shaped to perfection. 

The finishing piece of production is to seal it with a powder coated finish. This makes it rust free and wear and tear free. 

Rust may occur in the joints of the product as it is hard to completely powder coat in such a small space. If you have seen these small joints rusting in your own piece, you can scrape the bits of rust away and spray some black rust-oleum in the cracks. That will do the job and keep it rust free for years to come.