What is Wrought Iron?

Wrought Iron -

What is Wrought Iron?

Since the Garden Path is a business specializing in wrought iron products, it only seems fitting to do a blog about what wrought iron is.

Throughout this blog you will learn what wrought iron is, its history, and what makes it so great for outdoor decor products. You can also learn about a powder coated finish.

What is Wrought Iron?

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Wrought iron (or in the old language “worked iron”) is an iron alloy, a mixture of chemical elements with at least one metal element. It is created by smelting and fusing iron and slag. The product of this melting process is a highly refined grain-like metal that consists of about 99.4% iron. Contrasted to cast iron, wrought iron has a very low carbon content (less than 0.05%). Because of this, it is less brittle and more suitable for a variety of things.

History of Wrought Iron

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Wrought iron began taking the place of bronze in Asia Minor because of its wide variety of uses. It was much more available than copper and tin and was soon used to make weapons in China and India.

In the 19th century, people began using it in building and construction due to its strength and tension.

The 20th century found wrought iron being used for decorative purposes such as fences and fancy wall decor. It was found to be very nice especially for fences because of its resistance and sophisticated look. 

Benefits of Using Wrought Iron

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Wrought iron has a low carbon content which makes it less brittle and very strong yet very malleable. Because of this, iron workers find it easy to bend and shape wrought iron into lovely pieces of decor. Unlike many other metals, wrought iron is very durable and corrosion resistant making it very suitable for outdoors. 

Because of its strength, wrought iron products can easily be used for plant holders, flag holders, hanging signs on a sign or slate holder, and wall art.

Wrought iron pieces not only can hold weight, they also are known to be durable in whatever weather your area may have. The powder coated finish that our products have ensures that each product remains looking fresh and rust resistant for years to come.

Advantages of a Powder Coated Finish 

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Painted wrought iron will chip over time and usually tends to have more maintenance for the homeowner. Powder coating, on the other hand, is resistant to scratches and scuffs. The Powder coating is also very flexible and will move along with the wrought iron. Repainting your wrought iron can be a hassle so stick with a flawless powder coated finish that is sure to last for decades to come.

Rust Resistant

The smallest chip in paint allows water to seep in and rust the wrought iron. Powder coating fixes this problem because it doesn’t flake and is resistant to scratches. This provides a protective barrier to rust ensuring that your product looks shiny new for years to come.

An Eco-friendly Finish

Powder coating, unlike painting, is very eco-friendly. With liquid paint, the solvent and sealant are contained within a toxic liquid solvent. Excess toxic mixture runs down the drain and the solvents evaporate into the air creating ‘paint fumes’ each time something is painted. Powder coating on the other hand is solvent-free because it is applied with static electricity and set with heat; it also doesn’t involve waste or losing material down a drain.


Wrought iron the best thing you can put in your flowerbed or garden. It is a timeless decor piece that not only transcends the fads, it is made to last with its hand-crafted durability and powder coated finish.

The Garden Path

The Garden Path is a family owned business operating in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our wrought iron products are hand-made by skilled Amish artisans in Lancaster County. Each product we hand pack and ship out to you. Our hand-made wooden products are created in our own wood shop with utmost detail taken to design and durability.

We are proud to serve you only American made products. We do our very best to keep each of our customers happy and coming back for years to come.